If you don’t want to share your secrets with the websites you visit, then choose Findx Privacy Control.

The new Findx Privacy Control extension for Firefox and Chrome and desktop browsers gives you control over cookies on every site you visit. You can control both first-party and third-party cookies and you’re protected from tracking and can turn off and on advertisements per website. In addition you get access to the Findx search engine.

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Keep searching, in private

Click the search field and open Findx in a new tab in your browser

A safe choice for most people

Findx is easy to use, and you can find information without sharing your secrets with anyone.

Our search engine works in all browsers, including on your  phone, tablet and computer. Start using an alternative search engine, and stop being tracked online.

If you don’t find what you are looking for?
Try exits!

Add private search to your own browser

Set Findx Private search as the default private search engine in the  most popular browsers. You can switch to a private search engine by installing the Private search engine for Chrome, Private Search engine for Firefox or Private Search Engine for Safari 

Keep your secrets on your phone or tablet?

You can now get the Findx app for both iOS and Android devices. Choosing Findx will give you a private search and browsing experience.