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Simple tips for better online privacy

Ready to take the first steps, and get better online privacy? Here is some simple tips to help you get started.

Data Ethics Forum 2018

European Data Ethics Forum 2018

The second European Data Ethics Forum will be held September 28th in Copenhagen with inspirational keynotes and cases about data ethics. A data ethical agenda As the name of the conference indicates, the topic will be how we, as a society and as companies, handle ethics when it comes to the use of data. It

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Get control over Facebook!

Press Release A small Danish IT company turns the relationship between you and Facebook on its head with a brand-new browser extension – Findx gives you both privacy and control over your personal data. The recent Facebook crisis has made it clear: the internet is more than just a place of wonder for web surfers

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improve search

Improve search results in Findx

We believe search results should not be biased, they should be same for everyone. You can contribute – be a quality rater for Findx and help improve the search results not only for yourself, but for all searchers.

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Use the search field to get the weather forecast

When people search for a location, it’s most often to find out what the weather is doing there right now. Findx now lets you search quickly for the weather with its new instant answer. Type “weather” followed by a location to see a 6 day forecast for that location.

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Your history is history

No search history

The lack of something is rarely described as a feature. But it is probably one of the most important features for a private search engine like Findx. When you use Findx, you are safe from surveillance, your online behaviour is not tracked – that is the whole idea behind a private search engine.

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Findx has come far! Looking back at 2017 and forward to an exciting 2018

It’s been a big year for search engines, with the focus on how biased and personalized search results affect what we buy, what we think, and potentially even how we vote in important elections.

We believe that access to unbiased data, and being able to protect our own privacy is important. That’s why we are enthusiastic about our achievements, and continue to passionately work on Findx  our independent and private search engine, browser extensions and mobile apps.

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Findx instant answers

One of the most non-search features in search engines is the calculator. How many times have you put a sum into a search box instead of loading your device’s calculator app? Countless times, right?

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Use a timer in the search field

How often would you like to be reminded to do something? It can be a hassle to find and set a manual timer, or pull up a dedicated timer app for your device. Or perhaps you are in a shared office and don’t want a audible alarm? 

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