That was awesome! Findx is launched in public beta

To all the people at reddit who took the time to participate by reading and commenting on the AMA  typed in a query on Findx and hit the search button, and to those of you who went into our subreddit and gave valuable feedback. It was way more than we could have imagined – we are humbled and very thankful for the response we had – THANK YOU, it was an awesome experience.

Brian Schildt

Relations and Communications
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We’ll consider the things you’ve mentioned, and continue our journey

  • We received a lot of positive feedback on our visual design – thanks for that. (And yes, the animations will be changed!)
  • We got bashed on the relevance of results, it’s not good enough for many searches, and doesn’t handle misspellings well for that matter – we need to improve!  But we are happy that some found it useful, though.
  • Especially it was clear that when searches get a bit “tricky“, we fall short – a fair critique, and it’s something we need to work on.
  • But people also said they liked what they found, especially the map search. Yes, it was offline for a few minutes when we hit an API limit – we didn’t expect that to happen.
  • Yes, the image search is in early beta, thanks for trying it out – and we don’t focus on searches specifically containing a lot of skin.
  • A lot of people like the Quality Rating feature, and that you, as an individual, can rate results, and we have had some good feedback on improvements.
  • We clarified that we don’t do it for nothing, and that we live in Denmark
  • When we have open sourced the backend, including the algorithm, which came as a surprise , and that we don’t do profiled results came as a relief.

Your feedback is invaluable, especially at this time, and even though we may be a bit early in some opinions, almost all of you encouraged us to move on and build a great private search engine – a mental boost that we will cherish and can lean on when we keep developing.

Some facts from the week:

The AMA “We are findx, a private search engine, ask us anything!”  ran from  Tuesday 16th to Friday 19th of May,  and went on the frontpage of reddit at around 16 p.m. the 16th. We didn’t expect this, and it was deemed worthy of pizzas in the office for the first time on our findx journey – we usually run home to our kids.

The AMA on Friday at 14:30 had 6,413 points, 134.8k views – and 1447 comments in the AMA alone – a little over our capacity to respond quickly to all of you.

We’ll stick around and if we find any unanswered questions we’ll answer, and if we have missed your question, feel free to post it again in the subreddit /r/findxofficial, or get even closer to us and join our forum.  

Findx reached a new all time high: It peaked at 250 searches per minute and processed 50,000 queries on the 16th of May. We are looking forward to beat that number.

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