Findx private search engine available in the SnowHaze browser

Findx Search Engine in ShowHaze

We are very pleased to have established a relationship with Snowhaze, and we are happy to announce that Findx can now easily be your default search engine in SnowHaze, an ethical independent mobile web browser developed in Switzerland. SnowHaze is created by a team of five computer science and mechanical engineering students who attend the Swiss Institute of Technology ETH Zürich.

Brian Schildt

Relations and Communications
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Findx and SnowHaze both value your online privacy

When it comes to keeping people’s browsing and searching behavior private on the internet, SnowHaze and Findx have a shared vision to create services that simply don’t allow personal information to be collected by big companies making a business out of behavioural tracking.

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Findx and SnowHaze are open source 

SnowHaze is open source. Everybody can look at both the Findx and SnowHaze source code and audit it. Thus, bugs are found sooner and everybody can verify that we only use best practices, especially when it comes to privacy. Of all of the iOS browsers, SnowHaze has the largest built-in list of sites known to support HTTPS. This means more sites are encrypted when you use SnowHaze, protecting your online banking, credit cards, identity and more. Learn more about SnowHaze

To get an overview of the Findx privacy services, take a look at the open source section, or find the source code for our Open Source Search Engine directly on GitHub. 

Set Findx as the default search engine in SnowHaze

  • Go to the settings in SnowHaze
  • Select Search Engine
  • Put a checkmark next to Findx

Collaboration for a better internet

Findx is a true search engine with it’s own crawler. Crawling billions pages reveals many fraudulent websites, like fake webshops and we value this opportunity to collaborate with SnowHaze to improve security and optimize protection on the web.       

“People must have alternatives to browsers and search engines controlled by monopolies, it’s important that people can have default privacy and choose to protect their data, and together, Findx & SnowHaze  combines great tools to achieve that goal”

Brian Schildt, Findx

Findx makes it easier to protect your privacy on mobile  

When we released our own Findx mobile browser, the goal was to add an easy way to protect people from having their data harvested, to avoid behavioural tracking of our children, and we deliberately kept the browser simple.

With Findx now integrated into SnowHaze, advanced users have an excellent alternative to control almost every single detail of their browser privacy.   

To learn more about SnowHaze

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