Add Findx Privacy Control and private search in the Waterfox browser

We are very pleased to have established a relationship with Waterfox, and we are happy to announce that Findx now easily can be your default search engine in Waterfox, an ethical independent web browser from Europe that has been on the market in more than 7 years. Waterfox is developed by Alex Kontos, a young ambitious entrepreneur from UK.  

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Findx and Waterfox are focused on online privacy

When it comes to keeping people’s browsing and searching behavior private on the internet, Waterfox and Findx have a shared vision to create services that simply don’t allow personal information to be collected.

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Using Findx as private search engine in Waterfox

With the Waterfox desktop browser you get a fast browser which is much faster and wastes less of your time! That means windows and tabs load quicker, giving your lightweight browsing that doesn’t hog your computer’s memory.  

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Set Findx as the default Search Engine in Waterfox

  • Download Waterfox
  • Go to Preferences in Waterfox
  • Select Search
  • Put a checkmark next to Findx

Protection and collaboration goes beyond private search

When we established our own Findx desktop browser project we had a great collaborative exchange with Alex Kontos (by him a coffee). Alex’ many years of experience with browser development helped Findx identify and solve a number of issues and tasks around developing an independent browser. Since we stopped actively developing our desktop browser, it is a great pleasure to continue our relationship with Alex and the Waterfox project.

Download Findx Privacy Control for Waterfox

Adding more privacy to Waterfox with Findx Privacy Control 

You can protect your searches just by using Findx as your default search engine in Waterfox. If you want to add stronger privacy protection to Waterfox, you can install the Findx browser extension – it is an easy to use tool that protects you from online tracking and profiling. 

Download the Findx extension for Waterfox. 

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