Findx is now a private search engine in the Brave browser

Brave and Findx

We are very proud to have established a relationship with Brave*, and we are happy to announce that Findx now easily can be your default search engine in Brave, a new privacy-conscious browser. Brave is developed by a team lead by Brendan Eich, the inventor of JavaScript and co-founder of Mozilla and Firefox, and Findx is now a search engine in the Brave browser. 

Download the Brave browser and support Findx 

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Findx and Brave’s shared respect for online privacy

When it comes to the privacy of people’s browsing and searching behavior on the internet, Brave and Findx share the vison of creating services that don’t allow personal information to be collected – this is privacy by design and has a zero-sum-knowledge.

Read more about Findx’ Privacy by Design Principles

We are pleased when you give us your attention while you search in private

When you search on Findx using Brave, you can choose to contribute to Findx. The Brave Desktop browser has a built in payment system, where you can transfer money to a digital wallet. What sites you give your attention is monitored throughout the month, and at the end of the month the publishers and services you’ve visited will receive an number of tokens from your monthly budget. It all happens with zero-sum-knowledge.

Attention is measured in both time spent and actions taken, and BAT is the unit used to account for your attention when you use the platform. BAT is an Ethereum-based ERC20 utility token.

Findx is a verified publisher and you can search in private and contribute just by using Brave

Simply by spending time using the Findx private search engine and clicking through to results, just like you normally would, you can contribute.

The first phase of a new advertising model has begun

The Basic Attention Token (BAT) is a distributed, transparent advertising platform with the blockchain as its foundation. Advertisers can purchase space and user attention to display their ads on webpages that users visit. Websites can take advantage of the analytics dashboards and benefit from receiving $BATs when a user spends time on a website. And it’s easy for users to reward the sites they like to visit, simply by spending their usual time on the site itself using the Brave browser!

We see a number of opportunities for everyone in this relationship between Brave, Findx, Publishers and you!

  1. Advertisers will be able to purchase advertising space and pay for attention on Findx using $BAT
  2. Publishers and content creators will receive ad revenue and user contributions in $BAT – like it happens when your privately watch a BAT Verified Youtube Video in Findx
  3. People like you will earn and be rewarded in $BAT for giving attention to a website (“ad revenue sharing”)

It is early days for new technologies like this, but when the features are ready you can choose to view ads within the BAT ecosystem, and you will be compensated in $BAT for your attention. For example, you will receive 70% revenue share per ad displayed in “private ad slots” .

Set Findx as default Search Engine in Brave

  • Go to Preferences in Brave
  • Select Search
  • Put a checkmark next to Findx

Contribute to Findx by downloading Brave

You can protect your privacy just by using Brave with Findx, and do your bit to help two privacy-aware tech companies build better services and software for you! When you are ready to support our efforts this is one small and easy way to do it*. 

> Download the Brave browser and support Findx 

Findx Desktop is still under development, but has been given a lower priority than our Private Search Engine and extensions for Chrome, Safari and Firefox. Focusing on search engine development and our small team size we’ve chosen to recommend Brave while Findx Desktop development is still in progress.  

*) By downloading the Brave Desktop browser via the link, and afterwards using it for a 30-day period, Findx will receive a small amount of $BATs. This will support further development of Findx.

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