You’ve been hearing more often about your personal data being accessed without your permission, stolen or leaked from social media companies and other online services. It’s hard to know which web pages are ‘safe’, and which contain trackers that will take your privacy information without you knowing.

That’s why we’ve created the Findx Privacy Control extensions for your favourite browsers – take control of your privacy when you browse the web! You can choose to block all advertisements and trackers that are on a page, or allow those that you choose (remember ads supports the medias, but personal profiling isn’t needed to show ads)

Findx Privacy Control browser extensions

The Findx Privacy Control extensions are available in both the Firefox Add-ons store, and in the Chrome web store.

It’s easy to install too – just click the button, confirm you want to install it, and the Findx Privacy Control icon will be added in the top right, near the address field of your browser. Whenever you visit a web page, you can see how many trackers were blocked on that page when you look at the Findx Privacy Control extension.

You’ll be shocked at how many websites have multiple trackers that try to lure on your and collect your personal information.

Privacy protection made easy 

We’ve enabled a couple of popular protection lists by default, so you are protected from privacy-invading and malicious trackers from the moment you install the Findx Privacy Control extension. You can easily see what protection lists are in use, and add or remove them by clicking on the Findx Privacy Control icon in your browser, and then the gear icon at the top right.

You don’t need to worry about your privacy when you use the default settings – we protect it for you. But if you want to learn more about how to finely tune your protection lists, please see the Findx Privacy Control online help.

Protect yourself from Facebook’s tracking 

Did you know that Facebook can track you, even when you don’t have an account? That’s what Mark Zuckerberg said when he was questioned by the U.S. Congress.

If you visit a site that has a Facebook like button, your data will be read and analysed, and potentially used to target you with ads, even if you don’t use Facebook!Findx Privacy Control makes it easy to block these social media trackers. Simply go to the protection tab and enable the toggles under Social Blocking.

If you like our Findx Privacy Control extensions, or have some improvement suggestions, please join our online community, and leave us your feedback

Search in private too!

Of course, you also want to keep your search history private, don’t you? That’s why we’ve included the Findx private search engine – you can search from right within the Findx Privacy Control extension.

Simply click on the extension’s icon, then click on the search tab, enter your search, tap the Enter key, and you’ll see your search results! All without being tracked. You can jump to our useful instant answers too, or choose to search for videos, locations or images.

Findx is an independent search engine based in Europe, which means it has its own search index (it’s not a metasearch engine), and it respects the strong European privacy laws – it will never remember anything about what you search for!

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Brian Schildt
Brian Schildt

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