GDPR compliance and our redesigned privacy policy

We love that there is now a much stronger focus on privacy for everyone online, well, for EU citizens that is! Under the GDPR, you have the right to know what personal data companies have stored about you, to change that data or delete it, or refuse to allow them to collect that data in the first place.

The GDPR is here to stay

It has resulted in a huge number of companies updating their privacy policies and websites. We redesigned our privacy policy page, but we didn’t change any of our processes – we didn’t need to, because Findx was already compliant with the GDPR.

What data do we collect and store?

When you use Findx or this website? That’s easy!

Nothing at all!

The way the internet works we need your IP address to deliver search results, images, videos and maps to you – every search engine does, the difference is, we don’t store it alongside your search history, with we also don’t store.¬†

We’ created a simple overview of our privacy policy

We didn’t need to update the content of our privacy policy, as our privacy-by-design approach ensured we were already compliant with the GDPR, and has been since we started the Findx search engine.

We created a¬†simplified version of our privacy policy and to make it easy for you to compare with Google we’ve use sections – you can now easily compare the Findx search engine’s privacy policy with Google.¬†