Check how ethical websites are with Findx Privacy Control

Check how ethical websites are with Findx Privacy Control

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How to use Findx Privacy Control as a Data Ethicist

The Findx Privacy Control browser extension can help you quickly and easily evaluate how websites and web services collect data from their visitors and clients.

Detect scripts, trackers and cookies

It’s common that companies use third-party services to set up and maintain their websites and services. They may not know exactly what has been installed or what scripts have been included, so they won’t be able to tell you with certainty if they are handing visitor data ethically or not.

Findx Privacy Control makes it easy for you to evaluate a web service or email within your browser, and see whether data is being collected ethically. You can quickly and easily detect the following:

  • tracking scripts, including analytics and social media tracking scripts.
  • cookies that are being set automatically, before and after a user ‘agrees’ to the cookie banners, including those set by re-targeting pixels.
  • advertisements that are not well-behaved or those that are not classed as ‘acceptable ads’.

See if a website is compliant with the GDPR

The GDPR requires that users consent to any cookies and scripts before any are actually set or run. In practice, this is not widely implemented yet.

The Findx Privacy Control browser extensions make it easy for you to double check – simply clear your browser’s cache so there are no stored cookies, and visit the site you want to evaluate. Check the Findx Privacy Control Cookies tab, and see if any cookies have been set before you agreed to any banner.

Easy to set up and use

Step 1. Install the extension in your browser – it’s currently available for FirefoxChrome and Safari.
Step 2. On the welcome screen, select your desired level of data privacy protection. This automatically protects you against malicious scripts or those used for tracking purposes.

Tip: If you are evaluating children’s website, use the For children privacy level setting. This also blocks advertising that is overlaid on videos, commonly embedded in web pages for children.

Step 3. To see the scripts and cookies detected on any web page, first go to the page, then click on the Findx icon near the web page address field or search field.

  • The Protection tab shows you the scripts that are detected – Click on the list icon under Blocked on this site, then on the drop-down arrow for any of the default protection lists to see exactly what they have detected or blocked.
  • Findx Protection tab screenshot Findx Protection mange lists tab screenshot 

  • The Cookies tab shows you what cookies have been set when you visit a web page. To see the details of which cookies are set, click on the ‘Cookies from this website’ drop down (only available in Firefox and Chrome).

Check the tracking monitor for specific third-party scripts and sources

If you are evaluating a site and want to detect one particular script or source, you can use the Tracking Monitor.

Findx access tracking monitor - Screen capture

 Open the navigation pane, select Tracking monitor and open detailed site overview. From the detailed tracking monitor you can add detailed rules to block the individual scripts.  

Findx tracking monitor - screen capture

Encourage your clients to focus on ethical data practices

You will find it easier to convince clients that ethical data handling is important and needed, and provide the motivation to initiate change when you encourage your clients to install the Findx Privacy Control extensions themselves: Your clients will be able to see how well they are doing compared to their competitors and other services around the web.

Install Findx Privacy Control today

Quickly, easily and accurately evaluate websites with the Findx Privacy Control browser extensions. Get it for Firefox,  Chrome or Safari today.