Private search and browsing on your phone

Changing habits is really hard, and starting to use a new app on your phone is not easy.  But you should give Findx a try – it’s as simple as search – find – close, and the app is complete with private search and tracking blocking.

Unbiased search and no personal history

Findx is an app with built in private search and browsing

Use Findx and start discovering with a new search every time. 

Block the annoying ads that haunt you

Almost 50% of the screen can be covered with ads

Remember when you looked at that blue skirt online, and then saw annoying blue skirt ads everywhere you browsed? Findx uses tracking lists to identify advertisers and others who track your online behaviour, and removes the cross‑site tracking data they leave behind. So your browsing stays your business.

(Drag the slider to experience the difference)

With Findx

Easily delete your history

Delete history on Android

Get a fresh start everytime

Using Findx, your browsing history is deleted by default – this prevents others from seeing the history of how you use your computer, and gets rid of the clutter from endless lists of browsing habits.

It’s browsing, just simpler – download the app today!

Free app with private search and browsing

What is Findx free?

Findx is funded by the context based ads displayed in search results. These ads are served by a third-party vendor that doesn’t know your previous searches or your online behaviour.