Open source search engine

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The Findx search engine is an open source web and enterprise search engine and spider/crawler.

Open source search engine

The Findx search engine is a heavily modified fork of the Gigablast search engine project – a C/C++ open source search engine, enterprise search engine and crawler.

LicenseMixed License (full text on github)  (Apache 2.0  and AGPL)
Source code Available on Github
Attributions Gigablast by Matt Wells


Vagus was built to be used in

The name Vagus comes from the vagus nerve which partially controls the human heart.

License Zlib
Source codeAvailable on Github

Findx mobile app

The Findx mobile app is based on the amazing Firefox Focus by Mozilla

LicenseMPL 2.0
Source codeAndroid – iOS
AttributionsMozilla – Firefox Focus

Blocking lists used to block trackers

The tracker blocking lists are based on the Disconnect blocking lists


Findx Privacy Control

The Findx Privacy Control extension for the desktop browsers Firefox and Chrome is Open Source software. it’s based on the amazing uBlock Origin combined with work done by the Privacore team on private search and detailed filter lists for Facebook blocking.

Source codeGithub
CreditsuBlock Origin by Raymond Hill 
Credit – default filter lists

Malware Domain List


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