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Get control over Facebook!

Press Release A small Danish IT company turns the relationship between you and Facebook on its head with a brand-new browser extension – Findx gives you both privacy and control over your personal data. The recent Facebook crisis has made it clear: the internet is more than just a place of wonder for web surfers

Facts about Findx

The development of Findx Privacy Control contributes to the IT company’s lofty goal of creating an ethically sound World Wide Web based on transparency, an individual’s right to privacy and the freedom to choose.

Findx is not afraid of getting into the search engine market, and will fight the global corporations to protect everyone’s privacy. The company launched in 2015 with a vision to develop an independent search engine based in Europe, that complies with the strict European privacy laws. You can now use the Findx private search engine – it will keep your secrets secret.

The development team is in full swing working on the Findx search engine. It was released to the public as a beta version in May 2017, and can be used as an alternative to Google. 

The browser extension, Findx Privacy Control, was released for Google Chrome and Firefox in April 2018, and can be downloaded free of charge from Findx Privacy Control makes it easy to block all ads for children, plus, in addition to blocking Facebook and other online trackers, you can use the Findx search engine directly from within the extension. Advanced users have granular control over the blocking configuration.  

Transparency is important for the company, and as a result the we develop our software as open source, which means everyone can take a look at the code and the algorithms. 

Findx, a privately held IT company, was founded in 2015 by director Brian Rasmusson, and today the company includes the developers Ai Lin Chia and Ivan Skytte Jørgensen, and the CRO, Brian Schildt Laursen. Findx is located in Holbæk, Denmark. 


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Is someone watching you?

Have you ever wondered who is tracking you online? With Findx you can now discover and block unwanted internet spies like Facebook

Invisible tracking

When you search for symptoms, family issues or other personal matters, all your details are collected and shared with third-parties – and now say it again: “I have nothing to hide”

Protect children from online advertisements

You know how many ads you see online. With Findx Privacy Control you can protect your children against personalised ads and profiling, and remove all third-party advertising on their PC.

Privacy Control Screenshots

Screenshots collected

The extenstion is opened by clicking in the to right corner of your browser. Here is what you'll see, the protection and Search tab.

Privacy Control ON

Findx Privacy Control turned ON

Privacy Control OFF

Findx Privacy Control turned OFF

Private Search Engine

Search directly on the beta version of the Findx Search Engine from the extension

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Brian Schildt

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