Privacy Policy

We promise not to collect and store any personal information about you.

  • We do not store cookies on your computer by default.
  • We do not store your search history.
  • We do not store any personally identifying technical information eg. IP addresses. 
  • We do not pass your search queries onto the sites listed in your search results by default.
  • We do not use any tracking scripts and we do not store any behavioural data about you.


What data do we collect, but keep private? 

When you visit our web sites we log non-personalised data about the use of our services. These logs are accessible only by our operations staff and our hosting providers, and the information is never shared nor used for anything but to ensure the operation of our services.

  • We do not collect personal data about the people using our services.

We store IP addresses in anonymized form (we mask out a part of the address), and we use this anonymised information for usage statistics and to improve our services. We do not use cookies or other tracking techniques for this purpose. 

The Findx search engine logs  search terms and feedback, without any personal identifying information, which we use to provide features like “Did you mean…” suggestions and to improve result relevance.  

Information you may share with us (by your choice) 

When you change a setting e.g. a language preference in the Findx search engine, we store a cookie on your device to remember your choice, and use it to give you a better experience and and make our service easier to use. We do not use these cookies for any other purposes.

If you contact us to receive support via our support forum or by email, we will store your data in connection with your particular inquiry. We will only use the contact details you provide to answer your inquiry.

If you sign up for a newsletter, we store your contact information so that we can email you the newsletter you requested to receive.

Who do we share your personal data with?

We provide our services at no cost to you, supported by contextual ads and product searches. Our partners do not receive any personally identifiable information from us about your behavior, search history or any other data that could be used for correlation or to build personal profiles.

  • We do not share personal data with anyone.

We are affiliates of some online shops, and our affiliate ID is used when you click a result from our Shopping search (only available in Denmark). When you click on a Findx Shopping search results, the fact that a click was made is collected by Kelkoo, our partner for product searches. We do not send any personally identifiable information to partners, advertisers or online shops, and we do not receive any personal identifiable information about you from our partners.

For how long do we keep data? 

We do not store your personal data in our systems, but the cookie you can save on your device will be kept as long as is necessary to deliver the service to you. You can use the Findx Privacy Control browser extension to check its expiry date and delete it at any time.

In relation to our forum, you may request that we delete your personal data stored in our systems at any time by deleting your profile. If you want to see the information logged in the forum, send a message to us via the forum, and we’ll gladly share it with you.

In relation to our newsletters, you may request that we delete your personal data stored in our systems at any time by using the unsubscribe link in the newsletter, or simply by contacting us. 

When must we share your personal data?

We only share data when required to by law. Of course, we will comply with court-ordered legal requests for data. But since we don’t store any personal data about you, there is almost nothing to provide. The only data we have that could be directly attributed to you, would be any forum posts or emails you send to us.

What are your rights and how do you exercise them?

Findx is governed by Danish and European Union privacy laws, which grant specific rights: the right to be forgotten, right to oppose, right to access, suppress or rectify your personal information.

To exercise these rights, please contact us. 

Send your request by post to Findx: 
Findx ApS
Ahlgade 21. 1st
DK-4300 Holbæk

Send an electronic request to Findx

The right to be forgotten

When a search query with your full name returns results that are untrue, obsolete or excessive, you can request these results be delisted from the Findx search engine. Your request will be evaluated and processed individually, and the referenced search results will be delisted if this does not impose upon the public right of information (for example, if you are an elected official trying to make a controversial statement ‘disappear’. this would impose on the public right). Information related to all right to be forgotten requests (including your contact information) must legally be kept for one month after Findx has responded.

Services covered by this policy:
  • Website and online services:
    • and all European TLD’s except   
    • and
  • Apps:
    • Findx app for iOS and Android
  • Browser extensions for:
    • Firefox, Chrome and Safari