Our commitment to your privacy

“It is simple to tell you what information we collect, store or share about people using our services  – absolutely none”

Brian Schildt – Findx

Your data is not our business

It's simple - we don't store any personal data about you!

And we do not create personal digital profiles and share them with advertisers.

Every day you search and browse for information. When you use Findx services, your personal information is safe. Findx doesn’t collect or use your data, not the things you search for, nor what you click on.  

The goal is to ensure your data isn’t collected, unless you want it to be, and that you are in control throughout the internet.

Things you do

When you use our services — for example, search on Findx, get directions on the map, or watch a video — you share data with us to make these services work for you. This can include:

  • Search for things 
  • Visit websites
  • Watch videos 
  • View images
  • Click on ads
  • Provide device information, like your IP address

Things we collect and store about you

It is simple to tell you what information we collect, store or share about you when you use our service. 

  • Absolutely nothing
To make Findx work we use the minimum of technical data (like your IP address) to send you the search results you ask for, show you the map you need, or show you videos and images – that’s basically how the internet works. But we don’t store your information!

Take control

You have real control to manage your privacy

When you use the Findx search engine, your personal information is safe and not stored. So we don’t need to talk about how you can avoid personal tracking on Findx – we simply track nothing.

What happens when you leave the search results and go to another website is a thing we can’t guarantee, so…

To give you better control we created the Findx Privacy Control browser extension and the Findx mobile apps – they let you control whether trackers are allowed on the websites you visit or not. You have complete control, no matter where you are, over which websites and services can access information.

Take control over tracking, whenever you are on the web.

Your security

If your data is not secure, it is not private  

That is why Findx keeps you protected when you're using our services like search, maps and videos.

How you're protected

Protection from malware and malicious sites

We use regularly updated block lists to make sure malware and malicious sites are not in our search index. If an unknown bad web page sneaks through and is in your search results, you can easily report it

Secure and safe browsing

The Findx mobile apps for iOS and Android keep your information secure and give you control over your online privacy. You can search and browse in private with a lightning fast browser on your mobile devices with Findx. And using the browser extension keeps you safe on your desktop.

We use HTTPS to keep you private online

To protect your search queries and visits to our websites or services from prying eyes and malicious hackers we use top-grade HTTPS encryption.

How ad partnerships work

We do not build a profile with your personal data and share it with advertisers

At this point much of our business is based on showing ads, including product searches (only available in Denmark). Ads on Findx are displayed based purely on the word you enter in the search field. We don’t need a detailed digital profile of you in order to show you an ad for a smartwatch when you search for “smartwatch”. 

Ads help keep our services free for everyone. We don’t sell information based on a personal digital profile built on your behaviour, search or video viewing history, because we can’t build such a profile. 

Advertisers only pay when people click on an ad

We don’t share any personal data about you with anyone. The ads you see are delivered by an independent partner. 

The advertisers never see any information about how often their ads are displayed. They only know when someone clicks on an ad. Clicks are counted by our advertising partner, and we get paid by them without knowing if you ever bought anything.

A Safer internet

We help create more openness and improve transparency

We share our source code

We believe in transparency, which is why Findx is an open source project. Anyone can look at the search engine’s source code and make sure the algorithms are truly safe, unbiased and secure.

Data ethics and algorithmic responsibility 

We participate in and are members of organisations to promote and work to higher ethical and moral standards.

Open algorithms 

Our algorithms are not secret, we want to show why results are ranked how they are. That’s why we let you access the algorithms we use. 

Creating a safer internet together

We protect you against fake web-shops 

In Denmark we are collaborating with E-maerket and the Danish police to identify and remove fake web shops from our search results.

We can not give governments access to your data

Because Findx doesn’t store any data about you, we can’t give them any information about you.  There is no possible ‘backdoor’ access to any historical user information, because no such information is ever stored. 

You can give feedback

When you find a dodgy search result, one that is malware, malicious, or a fake web shop, you can easily report it. You can even rate the quality of your search results, making the better, safer web pages bubble to the top of the list.