The privacy controller for your browser

Protect yourself from online tracking and search using our independent, privacy-first search engine. By default it blocks trackers and malware, and you can make it block ads too, all from a very easy-to-use interface.

"... but I have nothing to hide!" - or do you?

You unwillingly provide ad networks, data brokers and search engines with valuable and sensitive information when you browse and search the internet. Every page you visit, every search you make. Data is recorded and used to create detailed profiles about you.

Yes, even everything related to sexual preferences, medical conditions, financial situation, gambling habits. Even though you may “have nothing to hide”, it is still feels a bit creepy, doesn’t it?

Your browsing habits and search history should be private, and they should never be shared without your consent. What you read and search for is your business only – Findx Privacy Control helps you achieve that.

Effective tracker blocking combined with our own search engine, Findx, makes it possible. You can also block all ads if you wish (we only block the creepy ones by default) – the choice is yours. We give you the tools to decide.


Put a stop to it!

Take back your privacy by installing the Findx Privacy Control extension. Help your friends and parents do the same. 

Let us work together to put a stop to creepy data collection.

Permissions required by this plugin

This extension requires permissions that may sound bad, but they are needed to be able to disable trackers and data collection from the sites you visit.

* Read and change all your data on the websites you visit. This is needed because we modify the pages as you browse them, to remove tracking scripts (and optionally ads if you have enabled that).

* Change your privacy-related settings. This is needed to tighten browser privacy settings.