We want you to get the most out of Findx, which means getting to the information you need fast. That’s why we’ve implemented a few instant answer features.

You can use a search engine for more than just searching for web pages – instant answers let you calculate mathematical expressions, get a quick weather forecast for a location, and much more. Traditional search engines track these searches and save that information to your profile. With Findx, everything you search for, including instant answers, is done in private – we don’t track what you search for!

Use Findx to take advantage of several instant answers today:

  • Calculator – Enter a sum into the search field and search, and a calculator will appear and show you the answer to the right of the search results. The Findx calculator can deal with more complex mathematical functions too!
  • Weather – Enter the word “weather” followed by a location in the search field, and Findx will show you a 6 day weather forecast.
  • Timer – Want to set a quick timer? No problems! Simply type “timer” followed by the length of time you want to set it to – for example: 10sec, or 10min, or 10hr.

What type of instant answer would you most like to see next? Let us know in our online community.

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Use the search field to get the weather forecast

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Use a timer in the search field

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