It’s a huge task to index the internet, and we’ve not all websites in our independent index. In addition we constantly  tweak our ranking algorithm, the code that decides what result is the best for a specific query.

That’s why we admit that we may not list the results you find most helpful and relevant at the top – at least not during the Findx beta – because we believe search results should not be biased, they should be same for everyone. You can contribute – be a quality rater for Findx and help improve the search results not only for yourself, but for all searchers.

Due to the decentralised nature of the web, and how easy it is for people to publish a website today, it can be tricky to get every detail right when taking into consideration how a search engine works.  For Findx this means that some results may not have any description, and you might only see a title. Sometimes the description and title don’t match what is actually on the web page.

We have to approach this problem in a different way – and we need your help!

Contribute to improve search results

Almost everyone is familiar with collaborative quality ratings – likes on Facebook, favourites on Twitter, re-pins on Pinterest – most blogs and websites have some form of quality rating function.

We believe that asking you to contribute is the most natural way to improve the search results. You can easily say whether you like the result, whether it is spam or even malicious, and add details to improve poor or missing descriptions.

Rate the quality of a result

Tell us whether you love the search result you clicked on, or whether it is poor quality. Although we haven’t yet set in stone exactly how we will incorporate your recommendations without leaving it open to abuse, we have decided to accept your contributions to improve search results during our beta – everyone can be a quality rater within their field of expertise!

The way it works

When you hover over the thumbs-up symbol, you’ll see a number of choices. The first three options are for rating the relevance of the search result you found for that specific search phrase. You can choose from:




Ok, but not great.



Bad or not relevant.



Is it in the language you expected?

Findx has not yet fully learned how to distinguish between all languages, and a number of issues can influence how a search result is chosen – if we got the language incorrect, just report it as the Wrong language.



The page you found doesn’t exist?

Sometimes, our index may become out of date, webmasters change their websites, and it can happens that we didn’t notice a web page was removed. You will be a great help to our spider, Findxbot, by reporting a broken link as Page not found.



If you don’t think it is safe for children

We are differentiating between sites with adult content and content that is ok for kids. When you have safe search turned on you should not find any results that aren’t safe for children, so please report such sites as Not child safe.



Report spam or malicious content

We do a lot to remove spam and malicious content from our independent search index, and you can help us moderate upsetting, offensive or spammy sites by reporting them. By reporting a malicious site, you send a notification to Findx  to remove the site from the results.

Please report such sites as Harmful or deceptive.

Harmfull or deceptive




Make results more accurate

There may be results that don’t have an accurate title or description, or any description at all – you can suggest one. We will take a look at all submissions, so this feature can not be abused. Right now we are also in discussions with webmasters and online publishers to see if sharing this information can help  them improve their own sites.

Simply click on the message icon, and enter a new description and title in the dialog that is displayed.

Collaborate to improve search for everyone!

With your help, Findx will improve its algorithms, and return better results for your and everyone’s searches. Thank you!

If you think this feature could be improved, please join our online community, and leave us your feedback!

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