How often would you like to be reminded to do something? It can be a hassle to find and set a manual timer, or pull up a dedicated timer app for your device. Or perhaps you are in a shared office and don’t want a audible alarm? 

Set a quick alarm directly from the search field

You can quickly set a timer in Findx which will display a simple visual alarm. 

In the search field box type “timer” followed by the length of time you want to set it to – for example: 10sec, or 10min, or 10hr. The timer will start counting down immediately. The countdown indicator turns into a green tick and wiggles when your time is up.

Want to set the same time again? Click the green tick to restart your timer – this is ideal for a simple pomodoro timer. Click Reset to turn off the visual notification when you don’t want to restart the timer immediately.

Note: You need to leave the tab with the Findx timer active for it to continue counting down. Simply pull the tab of your browser out into its own window. 

You can also set more than one timer to count down at the same time – simply click the plus next to the first timer, set the times you want to count down, and then the ‘play’ symbol to start the timers.

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