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Findx is a truly independent search engine, and not a metasearch engine which shows your web search results from other sources.

Findx is based in Europe, complies with European laws, and respect people’s privacy.

(Findx search engine is available as a beta) 

Private map search & route planning

Prepare your trip peacefully

Use Findx maps to search for locations and plan your routes – all in private. We don’t know your location, and you decide where to go without telling advertisers about your plans and destinations.

Unbiased search and no personal history

Every search is a fresh start

Use Findx and be certain that your personal searches aren’t collected by advertisers. 

If you want to stay in private when browsing then you can also download the app.

Rate and improve search results

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The best feedback is yours

Findx adds milllion of web pages to the index every week. We do our best to remove spam, and rank relevant websites appropriately.

If  you find a perfect result, or see something that isn’t so great, then use the feedback features and help us make the results better for everybody.

Image and video search

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Privacy Control and private search – get it for your browser

 You can easily get Findx as an extension for Chrome and Firefox, it is not only a private search engine, but it’s a full featured Privacy controller – read more 

Findx can be used for private search in Internet Explorer, the Microsoft Edge browser, Safari and all other common browsers. 

Get more privacy

Learn more about Findx for Desktop

Learn more about Findx for phones and tablets

Keep your browsing to yourself

Remember when you looked at that blue skirt online, and now you see annoying blue skirts everywhere you browse? Download the free Findx app for your phone and tablet or the Findx app for your laptop or desktop computer, so your browsing stays your business.