If you didn't find what you searched...

Just use exits!

Make search easy with exits!

Did you look for something, and then didn’t find it?

Ouch… we are sorry about that, but we know it can happen while we are improving search. That is why we have created exits!

Download Findx for your browser

Exits are super easy use!

Just type ! followed by the letters of the source, here are some examples:

!bi – for Bing images
!auk for Amazon UK
!fb for facebook
!li for Linked in

…and many more

> see the full list


Add Findx and exits to your browser?

You can choose Findx as the default private search engine in most of the popular browsers, and everyday you’ll get more relevant results.

Keep your secrets on your phone

You can soon get Findx as an app for both iOS and Android devices. Choosing Findx will give you a private search and browsing experience.